• April 4, 2019

    Honors awarded for Arts in USC contest

    Arts In USC Several students earned first, second and third place honors in the 2018-19 Arts in USC contest, sponsored by Upper St. Clair Parent Teacher Council. The following students and their artwork were recognized:

    1st Place Benny Rovner, Baker, "Extend Your Hand and Your Heart"
    2nd place Sarah Sakowitz, Streams, "Lemonade for Leukemia"
    3rd place Annie Overmyer, Eisenhower, "Always Be Kind" 

    First Grade
    1st place Carter Russel, Baker, "Friends Together"
    2nd place Petra Stuck, Streams, "Kindsplosion"
    3rd place Eleanor Wilkinson, Eisenhower, "Random Acts of Kindness"

    Second Grade
    1st place Mira Murthy, Streams, "The Power of Kindness Makes a Happy All of Us"
    2nd place Cadia Gostic, Baker, "Being Kind Makes You Happy"
    3rd place Vivian Overmyer, Eisenhower, "Stack of Kindness" 

    Third Grade
    1st place Alexa Galbraith, Streams, "Think Kind, Be Kind"
    2nd place, Nora Stutzman, Eisenhower, "The Power of Kindness"
    3rd place, Anna Barefoot, Baker, "A Helping Hand"
    4th place, Angeline Amorose, Streams, "The Kindness of Helping Someone" 

    Fourth Grade
    1st Place, Sahana Shreya Sentil, Baker, "The Girl with Flowers"
    2nd place, Sophie Chrichton, Eisenhower, "Kind Bubble"
    3rd place, Matthew Holtschlag, Streams, "Super Kindness"

    Fifth Grade
    1st place, Tony Chen, "Here is an Umbrella"
    2nd place, Medha Misra, "Kindness Defeats All"
    3rd place, Anish Moilla, "Be Kind, Be Human" 

    Sixth Grade
    1st place, Grace McLean, "Kitty Kisses"
    2nd place, Olivia Fuscaldo, "The Healing Power of Kindness"
    3rd place, Shreeva Sutreja, "Be a Rainbow"

    Approximately 125 students in kindergarten through grade six participated in the annual contest. With the theme, “The Power of Kindness,” students were tasked with creating original, two-dimensional artwork. All submissions will be on display at the Arts & Chocolate Spring Spectacular on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at the Community & Recreation Center at Boyce Mayview Park.

    The mission of the Arts in USC contest is to bring opportunities of artistic expression to all students in kindergarten through grade 12, while making it possible for students to have a contest experience. Kindergarten through sixth grade students have the opportunity to submit artwork to this in-house competition, which is judged at each grade level within each school. First place artwork for each elementary grade advances to district-wide judging.

    Students in grades seven through 12 have the opportunity to participate in the national Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. To encourage participation, the USC PTC helps to defray the cost of student submissions.

    For more information, please email artsinusc@gmail.com.