Course: Wellness 9

    Teachers:  Morton

    Unit Title:  Pickleball 1

    Duration:  3 weeks

    Essential Questions:  

     Why are Lifetime Activities important?

    How can developing Teamwork benefit me throughout life?

    Standards (local, state, or national)  
    10.4.3..D.E.F. , 10 .5.3.B. 

    Content (“I know…”)  

    ·        the 5 basic shots used in racquet

    and paddle sports.

    ·        the lines and areas of the court.

    ·        the 2 bounce rule.

    ·        the non-volley zone.

    ·        the serve rotation in both singles and

    doubles play.


    Skills (“I can…”)

    ·        demonstrate the forehand

    ·        demonstrate the backhand

    ·        demonstrate the smash

    ·        demonstrate the dink

    ·        demonstrate the lob

    ·        demonstrate the under hand serve

    ·        demonstrate knowledge of the rules by applying them

    during the games.

    ·        demonstrate the serve rotation in both singles and

    doubles play.
    woman hitting a pickleball
    p-ball game


    Daily feedback through observations

    Preparation / Participation

    Written Quiz  



    Pickleball stuff.com

    Chartiers Valley high school   


     Course: Wellness 9

    Teachers:  Morton

    Unit Title:  Archery

    Duration:  1 week

    Essential Questions:  


    ·       Why are Lifetime Activities important?

    Standards (local, state, or national)

     10.4.3..D.E.F, 10.5.3.B.

    Content (“I know…”)  


    ·        Safety and patience are the most important tasks in an archery class.

    ·       How to successfully perform and teach the 7 steps required in Archery.

    ·       There are multiple adjustments that can be made for improvement.

    Skills (“I can…”)


    ·       Demonstrate ability in the following steps:

    1.     Address the target

    2.     Knock the arrow

    3.     Raise and Draw

    4.     Anchor

    5.     Aim

    6.     Release

    7.     Follow through

    ·       Demonstrate ability to teach these skills to a classmate.

    ·       Demonstrate the practice of safety.
    archery 1
    archery 2

    ·       Daily feedback / observation of skills and safety.           

    ·       Writing assignment on content knowledge.



    ·       Slippery Rock University

    ·       A.A.H.P.E.R.D.

    ·       P.E. Central

    ·       Workshops