Course:  Wellness 9

    Teachers: Morton

    Unit Title:  Team Sports 1  (Volleyball)

    Duration: 3 Weeks

    Essential Questions:

    Why is developing teamwork essential throughout life?

    Will developing a competence for basic physical skills help my team?

    Standards (local, state, or national)  
     10.3.9.D, 10.4.9.A,D,E,F,  10.5.9.B,C,F

    Content (“I know…”)  

    ·         that teamwork is important if you want to achieve a common goal.

    ·         in order to help my team I should have competence in the basic physical skills needed for that activity.

    ·         clear communication is important between team members.

    ·         basic rules and scoring system. 

    Skills (“I can…”)

    ·         contribute to my team by participating to the best of my ability.

    ·         demonstrate my role that the team needs.

    ·         demonstrate the importance of having competence for the basic skills necessary for this activity. (serve, underhand pass, over head pass)


    Preparation / Participation

            Quiz / writing assignment


    Blended Schools

    You Tube