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     Course: Wellness

    Teachers:  Morton

    Unit Title:  Cardio Fitness

    Duration:  12 days / 3 weeks

    Essential Questions:  

    Why is cardio fitness important for everybody?

    Why is a heart rate monitor an excellent tool for Cardio fitness?

    Standards (local, state, or national)  
     10.4.9.A,C   10.5.9.D

    Content (“I know…”)  

    ·       the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise.

    ·       the benefits I can receive from frequent Aerobic activity.

    ·       terminology commonly used throughout the Cardio unit:

    ·       Target zone

    ·       Max heart rate

    ·       Resting heart rate

    ·       F.I.T.T.

    ·       Different types of Cardio exercises

    ·       how to adjust, attach, and set the heart rate monitors.

    ·       how to adjust and safely use the Spinners.

    Skills (“I can…”)

    ·       continuously exercise in my Target zone for 20 – 30 minutes.

    ·       browse and read the different channels the heart rate monitors provide during exercise.

    ·       adjust my intensity level during exercise to keep HR in the target zone.

    ·       keep a journal of my daily cardio activity using F.I.T.T.
    ball pushups


    Formative: for Learning: Performance: Performance

    students will be wearing HR monitors to assist them monitoring their intensity. Data includes Duration, Time in zone, Average HR, Max HR, and Calories burned.


    Summative: of Learning: Test: Quiz


    Summative: of Learning: Written: Essay

    students will explain in their own words the importance of aerobic exercise and how they could continue this throughout life.


    ·     Holt Lifetime Health book

    ·     Polar USA

    ·     Star trak Fitness

    ·     Blended Schools

    ·     You Tube demonstration videos





    Course: Wellness 9

    Teacher:  Morton

    Unit Title:  Weight Lifting 1

    Duration: 12 days (3 weeks)

    Essential Questions:  

    What is the benefit of having a strong muscular/skeletal system?

    How can weight training be considered both a fitness activity as well as a lifetime activity?


    Standards (local, state, or national)  
     10.3.9.D, 10.4.9.A.B.C.D.E.F, 10.5.9.A.B.D.E.

    Content (“I know…”)  

    ·        the name and location of the major muscles in the muscular system.

    ·        the name and location of the major bones of the skeletal system.

    ·        proper weight room safety practices.

    ·        the benefits of muscular strength and endurance.

    ·        the correlation between specific muscle groups and specific exercises.



    Skills (“I can…”)

    ·        perform various weight training exercises using proper technique.

    ·        demonstrate safety of lifting weights by using full range of motion and slow speed of each lift.

    ·        record sets / reps and weight used for each exercise.

    ·        match the exercise with the muscle it is strengthening.
    bench press



    Summative: of Learning: Test: Quiz


    Summative: of Learning: Written: Essay

    Students reflect on what exercises they will continue to focus on.


    Formative: for Learning: Performance: Performance

    The students will record their workout each day on their chart as they exercise.


    In today's society, an important part of education is learning that physical fitness is the key to a happier, healthier, and more productive life.   Physical educators teaching modern high school classes should continuously introduce/review the importance of a balanced fitness program.
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