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The National Core Arts Standards Mean...

  • The Arts as Communication

    ·      Artistically literate citizens use a variety of artistic media, symbols and metaphors to independently create and perform work that expresses and communicates their own ideas, and are able to respond by analyzing and interpreting the artistic communications of others.

    The Arts as Creative Personal Realization

    ·      Artistically literate citizens find at least one arts discipline in which they develop sufficient competence to continue active involvement in creating, performing, and responding to art as an adult.

    The Arts as Culture, History, and Connectors

    ·      Artistically literate citizens know and understand artwork from varied historical periods and cultures, and actively seek and appreciate diverse forms and genres of artwork of enduring quality/significance. They also seek to understand relationships among the arts, and cultivate habits of searching for and identifying patterns, relationships between the arts and other knowledge.

    The Arts as Means to Well-being

    ·      Artistically literate citizens find joy, inspiration, peace, intellectual stimulation, meaning, and other life-enhancing qualities through participation in all of the arts.

    The Arts as Community Engagement

    ·      Artistically literate citizens seek artistic experience and support the arts in their local, state, national, and global communities.