Helpful Homework Hints

  • Spelling


    • Lists are available on for the entire school year.

      • search teachers/parents- streams4
    • Students are able to play games and take practice tests on to prepare for their weekly final tests.

    • Students are encouraged to take Grammar Notebooks home to use as a resource as they complete homework sentences that implement grammar skills.

    • Spelling homework is due Friday, unless otherwise noted.

    • Students may test Wednesday through Friday.

    • If mastery is not demonstrated, tests may be retaken the following week.  I encourage students to be responsible for retesting.

    Paragraph of the Week


    • This assignment will be sent home Friday to allow students additional time to complete, as needed, before the following Friday’s due date.

    • Paragraph is broken into daily chunks in order to allow students to work through the writing process.

    • Example of the Paragaph of the Week process: "If Animals Could Talk" example.  

    • Here is a copy of the rubric used for paragraph of the week: Rubric



    • Students are encouraged to take their Math Notebooks home daily to use as a reference for homework.

    • The Pearson website has videos, extra practice and quizzes to reinforce all concepts learned at school.

      • A Pearson handout was sent home the first week of school with students' login information. The students are familiar with the website and know their usernames/passwords.  

    • If your child is experiencing difficulty with math homework, please remind him/her that STRIVE time with their math teacher is available (and encouraged) the following day for reteaching/support.

    • Review packets for each topic assessment will be sent home prior to completion of the unit to allow students ample time to work and ask questions if necessary. These reviews will typically be due the day before each assessment.