• Our Goals

    The National Association of School Nurses defines school nursing as “a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being and academic success and lifelong achievement of students.” The USCSD Health Services Department mirrors this definition in its goal of caring for the health of each child, each school. Through the following specific points listed below, the USCSD nurses strive to perpetuate the positive growth, development, and educational pursuits of each student by promoting health and wellness in supportive environments across the district:

    • Performing vision, BMI, hearing, and scoliosis screenings as required by the PA Department of Health
    • Providing health assessment and nursing care interventions daily for unexpected illnesses, injuries, or any physical/mental health condition which impedes learning or threatens optimum health during the school day.
    • Maintaining accurate records of all required immunizations.
    • Coordinating with parents for daily care of students with chronic health issues.
    • Functioning as a liaison while collaborating with faculty, staff, and parents to achieve the wellness of students, including student services support teams.
    • Educating staff and students on health education topics and wellness.
    • Providing a safe environment for students in times of crisis.
    • Responding appropriately, efficiently, and urgently in times of emergency.
    • Assisting school administration, school physicians and dentists in organizing and implementing the school health program.
    • Providing information to faculty as necessary about student health conditions which may interfere with learning.
    • Collaborating with guidance counselors and school psychologists to provide support and intervention for students with mental health, emotional, and behavioral needs.