• Supplies

    Here is a list of supplies that you will need for the upcoming school year

    1. Hand Sanitizer (if you want your own)

    2. Lock for your locker (students are asked to provide their own...please practice opening them prior to the first day if at all possible)

    3. Fully Charged Chromebook (everyday)

    4. Sharpened or Mechanical Pencils

    5. Highlighters (multiple colors)

    6. 3 blue or black pens

    7. Glue Sticks

    8. Scissors

    9. Markers or Colored Pencils

    10. One pack of college-ruled, lined paper

    11. A pencil pouch

    12. One Roll of tape (eg. scotch, masking, duct, etc. Any type will do)

    13. 1 Two-inch (or larger) three ring binder

    14. Dividers for your three ring binders

    15. Planner

    16. Scientific Calculator: whatever was used at Boyce will be fine. We use TI-34's in the classroom.

    17. Headphones or earbuds

Last Modified on August 18, 2022