• December 2017

    Eleni Romanias, Class of 2010

    Eleni Romanias College: Pennsylvania State University

    Current City: Burbank, Calif.

    Current occupation/employer: Actress with SAG-AFTRA and Owner/Producer of Little Pudd Productions, LLC

    How did your experiences at Upper St. Clair help you to reach your educational and/or professional goals?
    In high school especially I was fortunate enough to have wonderful opportunities available to me such as the theater program and the marching band. Being able to actually experience and explore my interests along with my classmates and friends helped me realize what I wanted to pursue in life. 

    What was the most valuable lesson that you learned while a student at Upper St. Clair?
    Honestly my time as the color guard captain my senior year was the most rewarding experience. That was when I really started to learn and understand the value of leadership, as well as independence in a sense, and it definitely transpired into my work ethic today. 

    What is your fondest memory during your time at Upper St. Clair?  I would have to say the Baha Men performing at our prom! 

    What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
    Playing the first young plus size action hero in my upcoming feature film Greek Goddess. 

    Is there anyone in particular who had a major impact on you during your time at Upper St. Clair? Please share who and how he/she made a difference in your life.
    My senior English teacher Mr. Sabram. Being in theater I was always interested in plays and enjoyed reading but he took it to a whole new level in the best way. The one moment that I will never ever forget was on the day we started reading Beowulf in class. He turned all of the lights off except for a little desk lamp over his book, and "performed" an epic dramatic reading of the first chapter timed out to the song O Fortuna by Carl Orff I think it was. I had never been so engaged in a class as I was in that moment. 

    Describe Upper St. Clair in three words? Community, Prestigious, Home 

    What advice do you have for current Upper St. Clair students?
    Take advantage of the clubs and activities that Upper St. Clair has to offer. I mean that sincerely. Of course high education is important, and fortunately that has never been a question at USC but when I went to college I realized the kind of opportunities that I had in my high school experience a lot of others did not. Don't be afraid to try different things in both academics and extra curricular activities.

    In 140 characters or less, what message would you share with your USC classmates?
    Whether we were friends, classmates, or just two people in the same yearbook, I truly hope that everyone is living life to the fullest and doing what they love. And if you're not, start now!