IB MYP Humanities                            

    Level: 0 (5thGrade)



    Upper St. Clair School District




    Boyce Middle School

    International Baccalaureate

    Middle Years Program


    Ms. Caragein
    Mr. Jones




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    IB MYP Humanities curriculum encourages students to understand the world, and to provide a foundation of skills for further study.  Students will develop knowledge and conceptual understanding along with research skills, the ability to analyze, interpret and communicate. The curriculum focuses on history, geography, politics, economics,technology and culture.


    Throughout this course students will work toward developing the qualities of the IB Learner Profile through the course curriculum. IB Learners strive to be:  Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers,Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective.


    A strong emphasis will be placed on the MYP fundamental concepts.

    o  Holistic- Holistic learning connects the class topics andprovides a global view of issues. Holistic learning allows students to become aware that knowledge is an interrelated whole and the relevance of learning.

    o Intercultural- Intercultural awareness focuses on developing students’ skills, knowledge and skills as they learn about other cultures.  Examining multiple perspectives helps to foster respect and tolerance.

    o Communication- Communication supports inquiry and understanding and is fundamental to student expression and reflection.  Language acquisition is emphasized and allows students to explore many forms of expression.



    • I can develop an inquiring mind.

    • I can develop the skills necessary for the effective study of humanities.

    • I can achieve a sense of time and place.

    • I can respect and understand others’ perspectives, values and attitudes.

    • I can become aware and understand people, cultures and events in a variety of places at different times.

    I can understand the interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies, and their environments.

    I can understand the causes and consequences of change through physical and human actions and processes.

    • I can understand contemporary humanities issues.

    • I can develop a sense of intercultural awareness and a desire to be proactive as a responsible global citizen.

    • I can develop an awareness of the connections with other subjects.

    • I can develop a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of humanities.




                Name,locate, and label the parts of the globe.

                Interpret and apply chart, graph, and map skills.

                Define historical terms.

                Identify and describe the way of life the first people in North America and their modern

                   Day descendants, including those in the 21stCentury.

                Explain the importance of artifacts and how they are discovered and used by archaeologists

                  and historians.

                Explain why and how European explorers traveled to distant lands.

                Explain the consequences of trade and economics caused by European exploration.

                Identify and locate where the early European colonists settled in America and their reasons for


                Classify characteristics of life in the “Old World” and “New World.”

                Identify the differences among the colonies in American and the similarities that united them.

                Recognize how competition between colonial powers resulted in the French and Indian War.

                Explain why economic conflicts developed after the French and Indian War.

                Interpret laws that were made affecting Americans and how colonists reacted to these laws.

                Analyze cause and effect relationships regarding events leading up to the RevolutionaryWar.

                Identify the importance of and differences between the Declaration of Independence,Constitution,

                  and Bill of Rights.

                Recognize the allies of the Americans and British during the war.

                Summarize the difficulties encountered by the colonists fighting in the war.

                Recall the importance and outcomes of Major Revolutionary War battles.

                Explain how the power of government changed from British control to Colonial control.

                Explain the importance of exploring and purchasing European land rights to the Louisiana Territory.

                Locate on a map the pioneers’ westward route across the United States including the Oregon,

                   Santa Fe, California, and Wilderness Trail and the National Road.

                Evaluate the movement of the pioneers and their role in the development of the West.

                Describe how the Gold Rush influenced the development of California.

                List new forms of transportation that came into use during the 19th Century.

                Investigate the variety of people who came to live and develop the West, such as miners,

                   homesteaders, and ranchers.

                Explain the Native American’s reaction to westward expansion and how the Native Americans

                   Were forced to make changes in their lifestyle.

                Examine the economics of the Industrial Revolution and how it brought new technology and

                   Inventions to American society.

                Enrich vocabulary skills.

                Name the important economic differences between the North and the South.

                Describe the Southern and the Northern position on slavery after 1832.

                Identify the Underground Railroad and major people who operated it.

                Explain the Northern and Southern points of view regarding the extension of slavery and identify

                   Two compromises that attempted to resolve the differences.

                Identify Abraham Lincoln’s personality traits.

                Explain why Southern states seceded from the Union.

                Identify the strengths of the North and South.

                Explain the contribution of women during the Civil War.

                Describe some ways that medical care improved during the war.

                Recognize the contributions of black soldiers during the war.

                Identify the roles of General Grant and General Lee in the war.

                Categorize states as Union, Confederate, or Southern states loyal to the Union (Border States).

                Name major battles and describe their causes and consequences.

                Identify the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address.

                List the events leading to the Union victory

                Describe the effect of Lincoln’s death upon the nation.

                Describe the changes to the country during the period of Reconstruction.



    Instructional Units



    AOI focus

    Assessment Criteria


    Explore New Worlds


    How does studying Geography help me understand the world around me?


    Criterion A: Knowledge



    We Should Be Free!



    Revolutionary War


    Should we fight for what we believe?

    Health and Social Education

    Criterion D:  Organization and Presentation



    Wagons West

    Westward Expansion

    How does technology continue to change our world?

    Human Ingenuity

    Criterion C: Skills



    A Country Divided


    Civil War

    How can we learn from the past?

    Health and Social Education


    Criterion B: Concepts




       The primary sources of materials will include approved social studies textbook, content areareading materials, and online resources.



    The methodology used in the class includes centers, group work, grade level content readings, individual reflections, vocabulary development,




    Students will complete a variety of formative assessments including quizzes, tests, projects, homework, daily work,presentations and work characteristics (behavior, respect, cooperation,following directions, participation, and the ability to work independently). Students will be provided rubrics that were modified from the IB MYP assessment criteria. There will be a final exam after each nine weeks.


    The overall evaluation will be given by comparing the achievement to the ability level.  The evaluation will be O (outstanding), G(good), S (satisfactory), and N (needs improvement).