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    School BusJonn Mansfield, Director of Transportation
    412-833-1600, ext. 3451

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    To reach dispatch for immediate information about your child on the bus, call 412-833-1600 ext. 3450.

    Lost items can be retrieved by your child the next time they ride the bus by asking the driver. Items not claimed within three days will be sent to the respective school's lost and found.

    For students riding a bus with transportation service provided by a contractor, please contact the contractor.

    • First Student: 412-831-3112
    • Matthews: 412-341-8288

    Locating Bus Information in Parent Portal

    To locate your child’s bus information in Focus/Parent Portal:

    • Log in to Focus/Parent Portal
    • click on your child's name in the column on the left side of the screen;
    • select CHILD INFO;
    • and then click TRANSPORTATION

    Transportation in USC

    The Upper St. Clair School Transportation Department provides daily round trip transportation for Upper St. Clair's 3,952 students. In addition, students are transported to 14 special education schools or programs and 11 private or parochial schools. 

    Annually, transportation is arranged for approximately 1,500 field, athletic, and activity trips that traveled 47,000 miles in 2022-23. Forty eight district-owned school buses and seven vans are utilized each day to run 300 bus and van routes for morning, afternoon and mid-day transportation along with two bus contractors that provide service to private, parochial, and special needs schools and programs.  
    Thirty-nine school bus drivers, five van drivers and two bus attendants are employed to fill daily runs. The school district operates a bus maintenance facility, which currently employs two mechanics, one transportation assistant, and a director of transportation.
    • Newly enrolled students and students moving within the school district must contact Terri Lott at 412-833-1600 ext. 2283. Upon documentation of residency, new student transportation schedules will be established within three business days and parents can use the Parent Portal to access their child's bus schedule.
    • Bus stop assignments are usually at the closest intersection to your child’s address. The Bus Stop Guidelines are used to route the buses to and from school. Buses travel by most student residences but in order to meet the bell schedule and reduce student ride time standard stops are used.
    • Transportation requests with extenuating circumstances can be made by contacting the office at 412-833-1600 ext 3451.
    • Please have your child at the stop location five minutes in advance in order to prevent students from running after the bus or delaying the next stop. Drivers sometimes pass stops or pull away from stops if students are in cars or not visible at the stop location.
    • LOST items found on the school bus will be stored at the front of the bus for the student to claim the next time he/she rides the bus. All items not claimed within three days will be returned to the respective school's lost and found. Once a year all items that have not been claimed will be discarded or donated. The Transportation Department will attempt to return all items found on the bus that are clearly labeled to the proper school ASAP. We will not radio drivers while driving to look for lost items as the radio is reserved for student issues and emergencies.
    • Kindergarten students need to have an adult or parent to receive their child at the bus stop. Drivers will return your child to the elementary school in order for you to pick up your child if you are not present at the stop.
    • Stop times are approximate and vary depending on ridership and traffic. Bus stop times change during the year due to traffic, construction, and other unforeseeable issues, but the stop schedule will usually be plus or minus five minutes to the scheduled stop time.
    • Please call the garage ASAP at 412-833-1600 ext. 3450 if an error was made in your child’s transportation schedule. 

    Private/Parochial Transportation

    Students residing in Upper St. Clair but attending private/parochial schools are transported by Matthews Bus Company or First Student. Families should contact the service provider with any questions or concerns, including lost items:

    • Matthews Bus Company: 412-341-8288 
    • First Student: 412-831-3112

    Extended Day Services (EDS)

    Parents using Extended Day Services should contact EDS with questions or transportation arrangements.

    Transportation Safety

    USCSD Bus Garage

    100 Red Nine Lane
    Canonsburg, PA 15317