• Student Support Services
    The Upper St. Clair School District is committed to offering a wide range of support services to students in addition to a high quality academic program. Such services include K-12 guidance services, district-wide health services, psychological services, student assistance programs at the secondary level, student support programs at the elementary level, English as a secondary language services and homebound instruction. Services are delivered by professional staff members who work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that the comprehensive needs of the students are addressed.

    For more information, contact:
    Amy Pfender
    Director of Student Support Services
    412-833-1600, Ext. 2062
    Amie Carpenter
    School Psychologist, K-5
    412-833-1600, Ext. 2225
    Melissa Garvin
    Assistant Director of Student Support Services
    412-833-1600, Ext. 2113
    Shannon Dressler
    School Psychologist, 6-12
    412-833-1600, Ext. 2216