• June 27, 2017
    Boyce entrepreneurs earn $1,000 for local pet rescue

    Team Eagle An entrepreneurial spirit has taken over Boyce Middle School. A team of 10 and 11-year-olds has evolved from tweens to board members armed with a business plan. It all started in Mr. Matthew Dudley’s fifth grade math classes on Team Eagle and their fictitious company, Eagle Sweets.

    “Throughout the year, we used a fictitious company dubbed, Eagle Sweets, to add a creative approach to our daily math work,” Mr. Dudley said. “The ‘company’ was used to promote problem solving and discussion and to make real world connections.”

    As the year progressed, students found new ways to incorporate Eagle Sweets into their learning. Students even interviewed for specific positions based on their own personal strengths – including establishing a board of directors. Board members included Alex Berkoski, Reilly Caslin, Julie Cedar, Gabbie Deep, Evelyn Hertzog, Janelle Knierim, Katie Kucherawy, Anna Makoul, Emily Neiberg and Clara Senchyshak.

    “Eventually, a group of students cultivated the idea to turn the ‘fake’ company into a real company,” Mr. Dudley said. “The board members who originated the idea were tasked with creating a business plan to pitch to our principal, Mr. O'Rourke.”

    The plan was to bake and sell cookies and other treats at Boyce Middle School’s Celebration of Learning in order to raise funds to benefit South Hills Pet Rescue. Mr. O’Rourke approved the project with one condition – every Team Eagle student must have the opportunity to participate.

    In the weeks before Boyce’s Celebration of Learning, the students on Team Eagle pitched in to create posters, write and star in morning announcements, design uniforms, bake, package, sell as well as set-up and clean up from the sales. The students baked a variety of sweets including cake pops, brownies, cookies and cupcakes. Special products included gluten free cookie choices and live cupcake decorating.

    “The students baked over 300 goods in three hours and, after the evening sales, earned a profit of more than $350,” Mr. Dudley said. “Based on successful negotiations, Boyce’s Student Council agreed to match the amount of sales to donate to the South Hills Pet Rescue.”

    Inspired by Team Eagle, yet unsatisfied with only having $700 to donate, three sixth grade members of student council – Sydney Rozzo, Hannah Eberle, and Laney Casares – made and sold slime around their neighborhood to raise an additional $300 to donate.

    On one of the final days of the school year, Team Eagle and the Boyce Middle School Student Council presented South Hills Pet Rescue with a donation of $1,000.

    “Our fifth graders demonstrated a tremendous amount of perseverance throughout the year, especially in the team’s efforts to raise $1,000 for the South Hills Pet Rescue,” Mr. Dudley said. “Eagle Sweets has a bright future ahead!”