The Upper St. Clair elementary gifted support program is known as SWEP II ~ Process Training. It is designed to meet the individual needs of the child, who identified through a referral process, demonstrates academically gifted characteristics.  The philosophy of the program is to provide a stimulating learning environment which values the process of discovery, fosters independence and perseverance, encourages the appreciation of the riches of individual interpretation, and ensures high student achievement in the areas of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
    A variety of programming is provided by the classroom teacher, and in a pullout capacity with the enrichment resource teacher.
    The goals of the SWEP II ~ Process Training program fall within the following four program components:
        • develop the skills necessary to process and effectively communicate gained knowledge
        • develop creative and inventive thinking skills
        • develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
        • develop skills in selective areas of strength and interest
    Through this programming, gifted students receive an enriching experience that spans many avenues of learning.