• Maintenance & Custodial Services

    The education program of the District is based primarily in six school buildings: one high school, two middle schools and three elementary schools. The District also maintains its own bus garage facility and rents office space for the central district administration from the Township of Upper St. Clair at its office building. The District's total educational square footage is approximately 660,200. Current school building construction dates range from 1951 to 1969 with renovations and additions dating: 1999 - Upper St. Clair High School; 2003 - Baker, Eisenhower, and Streams Elementary Schools; and 2012 - Fort Couch Middle School and Boyce Middle School. The most recent projects - the new pool at the high school and the new district administration building - will open in fall 2019.

    The district has two departments in the physical plants operation: District Maintenance and Custodial Departments.

    For more information, contact:

    Dr. Lou Angelo
    Director of Operations & Facilities 
    412-833-1600, Ext. 2272