• Frequently Asked Questions
    What projects are currently under consideration?
    The Upper St. Clair School Board is considering the following capital projects:
    • A new eight-lane swimming pool to replace the current five-lane pool that is original to the high school, which was built in 1961. In addition, a separate diving well/special use pool is included in the recommendation as an “add alternate” - completion will largely depend on the cost when bids are received. 
    • A new multi-use complex adjacent to the high school stadium, which would include stadium repairs to the home and visitor-side bleachers; versatile community and meeting spaces; ADA compliant facilities – including restrooms, concession stand; announcing facilities; ticket booths/entry for stadium events; as well as accommodating central office personnel to meet current and future needs. 
    • The addition of restrooms, concession stand and announcers’ booth at Boyce field for which the infrastructure was added during the facility’s renovation in 2010.
    In addition, two items are included in the capital projects financing because they must be completed regardless of the decision on the proposed renovations/construction considered as the Capital Projects.
    • Paving of the high school parking lots, which was originally completed when the high school was renovated in 2000 (17 years ago).
    • Removal of the pedestrian bridge that links the upper parking lot to the second story of the athletic wing. The bridge is in disrepair and ongoing upkeep/maintenance costs would be burdensome. 

    Why are the projects needed?
    • The swimming pool is 56 years old and original to the high school. The current five-lane pool limits the use of the facility as the standard high school competition pool is eight lanes. The current pool is located at the rear of the high school and is not readily accessible to the public. Swimmers and their families have voiced concerns regarding the condition of the current facility. A new eight-lane pool would better meet the needs of the physical education curriculum, the school’s swim/dive teams, the community swim club as well as the greater community.

    • The multi-use complex will address many issues and deficiencies both within the current stadium complex as well as broader district issues. The stadium’s current restrooms, concession stand, press box and filming deck do not meet ADA requirements and are substandard. The proposed upgrades will address the remaining stadium deficiencies that were identified in the district’s 2006 Feasibility Study. Other safety-related projects at the stadium have already been completed including the replacement of the track, artificial turf and fencing. The multi-use complex will provide needed space for booster/parent/community events/meetings while also housing the district’s central office, which has been renting offices from the township for more than 30 years and is also in need of renovation. The proposed project invests in district-owned facilities.
    • Boyce Field currently lacks any permanent supporting facilities. Portable restrooms are rented during each sports season and a portable PA system is used for events. A permanent structure will provide boys’/girls’ restroom facilities, running water, concession stand and announcer’s booth. Boyce Field is heavily used for school-sponsored events as well as community recreation. The infrastructure for utilities was added during the middle school’s 2010 renovation – reducing the cost of the proposed project.

    How much will the projects cost?
    The total of all four capital projects is estimated at approximately $15.4 million, which includes 10% contingency and 10% soft costs.

    New 8-Lane Pool


    Diving Well/Special Use Pool
    (for consideration as an add alternate or delete)


    Community Complex/ Stadium Repairs


               District Admin. Offices


    Boyce Field Amenities




    High School Paving Replacement


    Pedestrian Bridge Removal




    Total for all Projects


    How will the district pay for the projects?
    Financing of the projects will come from a combination of sources including a bond issue, the capital projects fund and private funding.

    Much like a home mortgage, the capital projects will require regular payments (debt service) for a period of time. The annual debt service impact on a $16 million bond issue is estimated at nearly $640,000 beginning with the 2018-19 budget year.

    The total millage impact is estimated at 0.31 mills, and the anticipated annual tax impact per $100,000 assessed value is approximately $31.

    What is the proposed timeline for completion?
    If the school board approves the projects this spring, it is anticipated that the projects would finish by the fall of 2019.

    How will the former pool space be repurposed?
    The current pool space could be converted into a recreational space (Panther Empowerment Center) for students to access for physical activity during and after school. A final decision has not yet been made.

    How will the multi-use complex affect traffic patterns and parking?
    District officials have been working with the architect to ensure that parking and traffic patterns provide for safe and efficient student drop-off and pick-up throughout for the entire campus. A loss in the number of parking space is not anticipated. Designated drop-off as well as handicapped accessible parking for the swimming pool, athletic entrance and stadium will be much improved over the present layout.

    What will be the impact on annual operating costs for the new facilities?
    Preliminary analysis indicates that increased utility, maintenance and custodial costs may increase by approximately $83,200 - nearly 90 percent of which is attributed to new pool facility. Some of this increase could be offset by increased rental opportunities. The current custodian assigned to District Administration would be re-assigned to the new multi-use complex.

    Why are new administrative offices needed?
    The school district administrative offices are located in office space that is leased from the township. The current space, constructed in 1968, has not had significant updates to its infrastructure including electrical and heating/ventilations systems (HVAC) and is not ADA compliant. Renovations to bring the office space up-to-date would exceed $1 million (based on the estimate of $75 per square feet). The present offices look much the same as they did 30 years ago. Two areas of staff growth, technology and special education support staff, have increased significantly during this time, the result of meeting the demand of the information age and special education federal/state laws. In order to accommodate the increase, there are as many as five desks in an office, making work conditions challenging. During the 1986-87 school year, District Office was comprised of 22 staff members. Thirty years later, 33 employees (a 50 percent increase) work within the same space.