• April 4, 2017
    Carnegie Science Awards program honors USC teacher

    Fred Peskorski Upper St. Clair High School Technology Education Teacher Fred Peskorski has been selected as an Honorable Mention for the 2017 Carnegie Science Awards in the High School Educator award category.

    Carnegie Science Center established the Carnegie Science Awards program in 1997 to recognize and promote outstanding science and technology achievements in western Pennsylvania. Mr. Peskorski was nominated for the award by Dr. Sharon Suritsky, Upper St. Clair School District’s deputy/assistant superintendent.

    “Mr. Peskorski has emerged as a true STEAM teacher leader and has had significant impact within Upper St. Clair High School and beyond,” Dr. Suritsky said.

    After spending 14 years as a traditional industrial arts teacher, Mr. Peskorski emerged as the leader of Upper St. Clair’s new Innovation Hub at the start of the 2014-15 school year. The Innovation Hub, which includes an MIT-certified FAB Lab, is an inclusive space comprised of state-of-the-art equipment and software that students use to engage in problem-based learning and hands-on fabrication.

    “As a teacher, Fred reinvented himself and has spent countless hours learning new things and seeking professional development in order to provide the highest level of instruction for our students,” Dr. Suritsky said. “Students respond well to Fred and flourish under his supportive leadership. He provides real-life examples and motivates students to create innovative solutions to problems.”

    Throughout the last two and half years, Mr. Peskorski has played a key role in developing and teaching courses, including STEAM Design Lab, robotics as well as introductory and advanced engineering and architecture. The STEAM Design Lab, a year-long course in which Upper St. Clair students partner with students from other high schools, requires students to solve real world problems using Human Centered Design methods.

    “Mr. Peskorski teaches students to work with industry partners, including All Clad, EAFab and Universal Electric Corporation to solve real problems that need to be addressed within those companies,” Dr. Suritsky said. “He loves the course, because it gives students the opportunity not only to apply newly learned problem-solving strategies, but also their own unique strengths to solve real world problems.”

    A graduate of California University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Peskorski earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in technology education. He joined the Upper St. Clair High School faculty in 1999.

    Mr. Peskorski, along with other Honorable Mentions and Awardees, will be honored at the Carnegie Science Awards on Friday, May 12, 2017, at the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.