• March 9, 2017
    Boyce students excel in math

    Alex Sun Fifth grader Alex Sun earned the top score at the recent school-level Pennsylvania Mathematics League contest at Boyce Middle School. Alex scored 31, narrowly defeating three competitors who trailed him by just one point.

    In total, 85 students participated in the PML contest on Feb. 27, 2017. Participants were given 30 minutes to solve 35 questions – ranging from simple and straightforward to complex math problems.

    The school’s team score – comprised of the school’s top five scores – is reported to the PML. For the last five years Boyce Middle School’s sixth graders have finished first or second in Pennsylvania. This year’s statewide results will be announced later this spring.

    The PML specializes in conducting math contests designed to stimulate student interest and confidence in mathematics.

    At the school-level students were awarded trophies and medals for their efforts. Students earned recognition for earning top scores among all students as well as the top scores for each team. Students enrolled in accelerated math competed in a separate category.

    Results: Accelerated Math Students

    • First Place: Alex Sun (grade 5) with a score of 31
    • Second Place (tie): Rebecca Lang, with a score of 30
    • Second Place (tie): Phillip Markovitz, with a score of 30
    • Second Place (tie): Alex Todd, with a score of 30
    • Third Place (tie): Carter Chui, with a score of 29
    • Third Place (tie): Ben Wasson, with a score of 29
    • Honorable Mention (tie): Carter McClintock-Comeaux, with a score of 28
    • Honorable Mention (tie): Keshav Narasimhan, with a score of 28
    • Honorable Mention (tie): Mariah Rainier, with a score of 28
    • Honorable Mention (tie): Mahir Parmar (grade 5), with a score of 27

    Results: Top Scorers for Each Team (all with scores between 21 and 24)

    Team Energy:
    • First Place (tie): Kyle Kerber
    • First Place (tie): Ty Riemer
    • First Place (tie): Drake Wangler
    Team Predator:
    • First Place: Noah Wagner
    • Second Place: Lauren Starr
    Team Solar Power:
    • First Place: Chase Neponuceno
    • Second Place: Priyanka Palayekar 
    Team Wind:
    • First Place (tie): Jason Lu
    • First Place (tie): Ipsita Singh
    • Second Place: Owen Damon