• Canvas Canvas
    With the advent of web-based technology, there is more opportunity now than ever before to support students with their learning. Currently, there are many different places to find this information (MMS for grades, district website for homework board, Blended Schools for course materials, and Showbie for turned in assignments). For the past year and a half, we have been vetting various systems and found a potential "One Stop Shop" solution for all of these learning tools. We are in the early stages of introducing this solution in pilot classrooms at Boyce, Fort Couch and the High School. The system that we are rolling out is called Canvas.

    The main change for the initial roll-out is that in some cases, students will not be accessing Blended Schools for the majority of their course content, but instead will access Canvas. To help with the transition, we will roll out a few new features at a time to try to make this a smooth change process. Included in these features are parent accounts and an integrated calendar that not only lists assignments but also links you to the actual files/descriptions. In the near future, we will use Canvas for collecting/grading work (like Showbie), and potentially as a location to view assignment grades (like what is currently being done with MMS).

    Students will access Canvas through an app on their iPad, but this can also be accessed on a computer at uscsd.instructure.com.

    Stay tuned for more information regarding these changes and enhancements!