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Update:  March 22, 2017 
Jack Fitzpatrick Swimmers medal at state championships

Two individual swimmers and one relay team from Upper St. Clair High School earned medals at the PIAA Swimming Championships March 18-19, 2017, at Bucknell University.

Jack Fitzpatrick medaled in three events – finishing fourth in the Boys 100 Yard Backstroke, seventh in the Boys 200 Individual Medley and eighth as a member of the Boys Medley Relay team. Other members of the eighth place relay team include Nick Mudry, Jacob Jaime and Brandon Novak.
Abby Matheny

In addition, Abby Matheny earned a fourth place finish in the Girls 200 Freestyle.

Other Upper St. Clair High School swimmers who competed at the PIAA championships included Amatheon Bohan, Ynyra Bohan, Lauren Connors, Ben Diffendal, David Frauen, Maeve Lersch, Olivia Shaffer, Maddie Suter and Maddie Yoos. 

Update:  Monday, March 6, 2017


USC swim teams finish third at WPIALs –
several advance to states


Jack Fitzpatrick

The Upper St. Clair boys’ and girls’ swim teams finished third overall in the WPIAL Championships on March 2-3 at the University of Pittsburgh’s Trees Pool. In addition to all USC relay teams, six girls and three boys qualified to compete in individual events at the PIAA Championships on March 17, at Bucknell University.


Below are the Upper St. Clair results from the WPIAL Championships. Those that qualified to compete at the PIAA Championships are highlighted.


Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay

3rd Place:  Maeve Lersch, Maddie Yoos, Ynyra Bohan and Neele Minuth


Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay

4th Place:  Jack Fitzpatrick, Nick Mudry, Jacob Jaime and Amatheon Bohan


Girls 200 Yard Freestyle

3rd Place:  Abby Matheny

5th Place:  Olivia Shaffer


Boys 200 Yard Freestyle

11th Place:  Brandon Novak

12th Place:  Ben Diffendal

14th Place:  Amatheon Bohan

25th Place:  Brendan Neal


Girls 200 Yard IM

12th Place:  Maddie Yoos

14th Place:  Lauren Connors

24th Place:  Riley Stevenson


Boys 200 Yard IM

1st Place:  Jack Fitzpatrick

2nd Place:  Nick Mudry

11th Place:  David Frauen

18th Place:  Graham Kretschmar


Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

4th Place:  Maeve Lersch

31st Place:  Elinor Connor


Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

21st Place:  Reese Samuel


Boys 1 Meter Diving

14th Place:  Chris Balta

33rd Place:  Jack Billetdeaux


Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

7th Place:  Ynyra Bohan

17th Place:  Mia Beyerl

22nd Place:  Maddie Suter


Boys 100 Yard Butterfly

9th Place:  Jacob Jaime

32nd Place:  Reese Samuel

33rd Place:  Chris D’Amico


Girls 100 Yard Freestyle

21st Place:  Neele Minuth

24th Place:  Maddie Suter


Boys 100 Yard Freestyle

7th Place:  Brandon Novak

18th Place:  Ben Diffendal

22nd Place:  Amatheon Bohan

33rd Place:  David Frauen


Girls 500 Yard Freestyle

2nd Place:  Abby Matheny

3rd Place:  Olivia Shaffer

11th Place:  Ynyra Bohan


Boys 500 Yard Freestyle

12th Place: Brendan Neal


Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

2nd Place:  Maeve Lersch, Neele Minuth, Olivia Shaffer and Abby Matheny


Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

5th Place:  Brandon Novak, Jacob Jaime, Ben Diffendal and Bohan Amatheon


Girls 100 Yard Backstroke

2nd Place:  Maeve Lersch

4th Place:  Lauren Connors

13th Place:  Mia Beyerl


Boys 100 Yard Backstroke

2nd Place:  Jack Fitzpatrick

11th Place:  Graham Kretschmar


Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke

6th Place:  Maddie Yoos

28th Place:  Riley Stevenson

31st Place:  Claire Hsu


Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke

4th Place:  Nick Mudry

14th Place:  Jaime Jacob

26th Place:  Chris D’Amico


Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

4th Place:  Neele Minuth, Olivia Shaffer, Lauren Connors and Abby Matheny


Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

6th Place:  Brandon Novak, Ben Diffendal, David Frauen, Jack Fitzpatrick


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Feb. 27, 2017
Congrats to the USC girls’ swim team – section champions
Girls Swm Team
The Upper St. Clair girls’ swim team defeated Mt. Lebanon to capture the WPIAL Section 4 title. The win marks the team’s 10th section title in the past 11 years.

Next up for the girls’ and boys’ swim teams is the WPIAL Championships on March 2-3 at the University of Pittsburgh’s Trees Pool. In total, Upper St. Clair has 25 swimmers – 12 girls and 13 boys – who will be competing in the WPIAL championships.
  • WPIAL Girls: Mia Beyerl, Ynyra Bohan, Elinor Connor, Lauren Connors, Claire Hsu, Maeve Lersch, Abby Matheny, Neele Minuth, Olivia Shaffer, Riley Stevenson, Maddie Suter and Maddie Yoos.
  • WPIAL Boys: Chris Balta, Jack Billetdeaux, Amatheon Bohan, Chris D’Amico, Ben Diffendal, Jack Fitzpatrick, David Frauen, Jacob Jaime, Graham Kretschmar, Nick Mudry, Brendan Neal, Brandon Novak and Reese Samuel.

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