• Jan. 31, 2017
    Fourth graders design and illuminate Lightsburgh

    Lightsburgh Imagine a town designed and created by a group of nine year olds. Welcome to Lightsburgh – complete with buildings, roads, parks and other city features – all developed by fourth graders at Streams Elementary School.

    The project was the culminating activity to the fourth grade electric circuits unit. Students were tasked with creating and designing a room to illuminate.

    “We used switches to turn on and off the lights and we used cells and cell holders,” fourth grader Opal Miller said. “The main goal of the process was to light up the inside of our house.”

    In addition to learning about electric circuits, students worked together to create an entire city, appropriately dubbed Lightsburgh.

    “In class we used our knowledge of electrical wiring to wire the room and light the bulb,” Betsy Allen, classroom teacher, said. “After our buildings were wired, we used our urban planning skills to create a city in which we would want to live.”

    Students worked collaboratively to plan and incorporate each of their buildings into the town. They strategically decided store locations, being careful to keep some distance between the competing pet shops.

    “I liked how well everyone worked together and how no one really argued,” fourth grader Armen Pettit said. “That really made the city a lot better.”

    Lightsburgh features a residential neighborhood, downtown shopping district, restaurants, an airport and hotel, stadiums and movie theater, as well as a jail and a space center, located on the outskirts of the town.

    “I was so proud of the collaboration and communication I saw in my classroom,” Mrs. Allen said. “The kids did a fantastic job working together!”

    When asked about their favorite parts of the city, students in the class were quick to compliment each other’s designs and ideas. It was clear teamwork was central to their town’s success.

    “My favorite part was working as a team and building the whole city,” fourth grader Meredith Rhodes stated.