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    Parkway West Career and Technology Center is dedicated to providing programs consisting of high quality, cutting-edge technical training integrated with a strong academic education and an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and team-building skills. The curriculum is closely tied to the needs of business and industry.  Advisors guide program development to assure that the curriculum and equipment match the needs and standards of employers.  Instructors align course curriculums with the skills employers need for employees to be successful. Students attend the career technology center on a half-day basis each day of the school year and attend their home school during the other half of the school day to acquire their academic credits.  Students attending the career technology center graduate from their home school and Parkway West CTC. Parkway West CTC offers its graduates the opportunity to prepare for immediate employment and to earn advanced placement credits at many community colleges, technical schools, colleges and/or universities.    

    Students interested in attending Parkway in 2023-24:
    Please contact Mrs. Pardini in the Counseling Office for more information.


    2-hour delay at USCHS or Parkway due to weather:
    Parkway students will take their regular neighborhood buses to USCHS (no separate early Parkway busses on those mornings) where they will attend a study hall until their classes begin.  No Parkway attendance on these days.
    No school at Parkway:
    Students will take their regular neighborhood morning bus to USCHS and attend morning study hall: October 9, Novermber 27, December 22, January 2.
    No school at USCHS:
    Students will not attend Parkway!  October 27, November 1, November 7, January 22, March 25-27, April 23.
    Half Day/Early Dismmissal from USCHS:
    December 22; dissmissal time is 10:55am.
    First day of school at Parkway:
    August 22, 2023, students will be picked up in your neighborhood and transported to USCHS where you will catch a second bus to Parkway at 7:20am.  Your classes at Parkway end at 10:15 am. At that time, you will be transported home to enjoy the rest of your afternoon.  Starting on Wednesday, August 23rd, you will be bused back to the high school from Parkway for your afternoon classes.  
    Last day of classes for Parkway seniors:  
    Last day of classes for Parkway 9th - 11th grade:
    May 29th
    May 30 - June 6th (May 31st for seniors):
    Parkway students will be picked up later in the morning so that they will arrive at USCHS in time for their afternoon classes--no supervised study halls on those days.

     Parkway West Career & Technology Center

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