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    Ann Garbin, Eisenhower Elem. Nutrition Center Manager
    412-833-1600 ext 8025 | 412-833-1600 ext 8027


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    Menus are available as downloadable PDFs as well as all NEW interactive menus that provide detailed nutritional information.

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    cafeike Cafe Ike 

    Students dine at Cafe Ike, our own little Bistro. It took quite a bit of teamwork to convert our traditional nutrition center into Cafe Ike, which now boasts a spectacular painted wall mural of Chef Ike, beautiful awnings, original student designed tile work and lively greenery. The best benefit has been our students' response to the change.
    The goal in creating Cafe Ike was to help students connect Cafe Ike behavior behavior expectations with similar expectations they encounter when dining out with family. Throughout the year students enjoy special days such as fine dining days (complete with linens) and a variety of other days that include the viewing of musical concerts or athletic events on Cafe Ike's big screen.