• Johanna Rennhoff

    Spanish & German Teacher                                                                                                                                                 

    German Exchange (GAPP) Trip Coordinator


    I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and German from John Carroll University. I completed my Masters in Teaching at the University of Pittsburgh. The previous year was spent aboard in Koblenz, Germany, where I was able to serve as an English teaching assistant through a Fulbright Grant. I have also studied abroad in Valencia, Spain and Freiburg, Germany. I began teaching at Upper St. Clair High School in August of 2005.

    I have taught Honors Spanish 4, Spanish 2, Honors German 4, German 3, German 2, and Passport to German.

    I can be reached by:
    Email: jrennhoff@uscsd.k12.pa.us
    Phone: 412-833-1600 x2321


    Course Information

    Honors Spanish 4: The goal of this course is to prepare students for advanced level work which emphasizes comprehension, communication in speech and writing, and an appreciation of the Spanish language and culture. The emphasis is on class and partner discussion, reading, listening to some authentic and other texts, and improving writing skills. These goals will be met through a series of grammatical and cultural units which the students will relate to their own lives.

    Honors German 4: The Germans of today and a brief introduction to literature comprise the content of this course. The people are understood through readings about their history and about current issues. Topics such as the environment, the school system, the political structure, and the post-war attitude toward war are discussed. Short stories and poems by such authors as Boll, Borchert, and Heine are also presented. The main emphasis throughout the course, however, is the improvement of conversation and composition skills so that the student learns to speak more quickly, accurately, and fluently. Special cultural projects (festivals, Karneval, cafes, television, etc.) revolving around student interest round out the content of this course.

    German 3: During the third year of German the student continues to use the language skills acquired in the first and second years but with greater accuracy. The student is now required to use the language and previously learned structure and vocabulary to produce spontaneous conversation. Emphasis is placed on oral and written proficiency using the vocabulary for daily living. Units studied include household chores, vacations, health, cuisine, shopping,geography, house parts, city parts, and directions. Students prepare individual cultural presentations on the various cities in Germany as well as the other German-speaking nations. Students review points of grammar as a supplement to these units.  Although emphasis on reading and writing continues, the majority of class time is spent on improving oral proficiency. 

    German 2: This course provides a review and continuation of the Level 1 program. The first-year text, Deutsch Aktuell, places its emphasis on understanding and speaking German. The second-year course puts more emphasis on reading and writing than the first year. The goals of the program are to (1) master a basic vocabulary through further acquisition of reading skills, (2) continue aural-oral practice, (3) introduce German culture through conversations and readings and (4) expand the grammar control for formally analyzing familiar structures.(Deutsch Aktuell Online Book Link)

    Clubs and Activities

    USC German Exchange Trip (GAPP):  GAPP stands for German American Partnership Program. The USC students host German exchange students in the fall every other year.  In the spring, we travel to Leverkusen, Germany. 

    USC Cultural Immersion Trip: Every other summer there is a trip offered for current Spanish students at Upper St. Clair High School.  The trip is typically ten days in length and takes place immediately upon the close of the academic school year in June.  

    German Club Co-Sponsor:  I co-sponsor monthly activities for the German Club at the high school.  All students are encouraged to join and do not need to be in a German course to participate!