Upper St. Clair School District

Customizing Learning, Nurturing Potential ... Delivering Excellence

Administrators - Email
Dr. Patrick T. O'Toole, Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Sharon Suritsky, Assistant Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent
Dr. John Rozzo, Assistant Superintendent

Mr. Raymond Berrott, Director of Technology
Dr. Judith Bulazo, Director of Curriculum & Professional Development
Mr. Scott Burchill, Director of Business & Finance
Mrs. Amy Pfender, Director of Student Support Services
Ms. Melissa Garvin, Assistant Director of Student Support Services
Ms. Sheila Gorgonio, Director of Advancement
Dr. Kevin Deitrick, Director of Athletics 
Mr. Mark Miller, Supervisor of Elementary Education
Mr. Bradley Wilson, Supervisor of Customized and On-Line Learning
Mr. Joseph Conners, Chief of School Police

Dr. Patrick McClintock-Comeaux, Baker Elementary School Principal
Mr. Mark Miller, Eisenhower Elementary School Principal
Dr. Claire Miller, Streams Elementary School Principal

Mr. Daniel O'Rourke, Boyce Middle School Principal
Mr. Joseph DeMar, Fort Couch Middle School Principal
Ms. Erin Peterson, Fort Couch Middle School Assistant Principal
Dr. Louis Angelo, High School Principal
Dr. Timothy Wagner, High School Associate Principal for Program Planning and Innovation
Ms. Christine Mussomeli, High School Assistant Principal
Mr. Daniel Beck, High School Assistant Principal
Mr. Jonn Mansfield, Director of Transportation
Mr. Kevin Hillman, Transportation Supervisor

Contracted Services

Mrs. Kimberly Cooper, Food Services, ARAMARK
Mr. Charles Plance, Physical Plant Services, ARAMARK