• Yonker, C.Mr. Clayton Yonker

    Physics Teacher



    I graduated from South Fayette High School and attended Washington and Jefferson College and Case Western Reserve University to earn a BA in 3-2 Engineering and a BS in Mechanical Engineering respectively. I earned my teaching certification from the University of Pittsburgh through the professional year program. I taught AP Physics C, AC Physics, Honors Physics, and Physical Science for three years at Brentwood High School. I have been teaching in Upper St. Clair for 15 years. I began by teaching AC Geometry and Applied Math for the first year. I have taught AP Physics C for 14 years.

    Phone:412-833-1600 ext. 2621 Email: cyonker@uscsd.k12.pa.us

    Courses Taught:

    AP Physics C: Mechanics: This is the first year of a calculus based two-year course. The first year will consist of Newtonian Mechanics. This will cover Newton's Laws, periodic, linear and circular motion.  It is advised that Honors FST be taken prior or concurrently. 

    AP Physics C:Electricity and Magnetism: The second year will consist of Electricity and Magnetism. This will cover electric and magnetic fields and forces and electric circuits. It is advised that AP Physics C: Mechanics is taken as a prerequisite.